Boost your property revenue through asimplified pricing strategy.

SmartPricing by Amenitiz is very hotelier’s new tech partner. Its aim is to take a load off you when it comes to the complex business of developing a pricing strategy.


Be profitable by maximising your occupancy. 

Become a successful hotel

Save time on complex calculations

Make the most of your hotel by adjusting your rates to find the right balance.

Define your long-term strategy, while our SmartPricing is simplifying your day-to-day pricing adjustments.

Get rid of gut feelings and spreadsheet formulas that are understood only by economists. Make informed decisions about your rates and promotions.

What do you get?

Demand Predictions

Forecast your performance based on your historical occupancy data and future bookings. Prepare your busiest seasons without surprises.

Validated Rate Recommendations

Decide your perfect deal, every day. Change your prices thanks to SmartPricing’s daily suggestions.

Multi-property recommendations

Control completely the pricing strategy of your portfolio. Adjust your rates inside your PMS for all your properties. 

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Stay ahead. Choose the right prices. Choose SmartPricing

Don't jump from one tool to another to obtain the best price for your listings. Let your business grow thanks to SmartPricing by Amenitiz.

Website Builder


Create and update your SEO friendly website in real time without any technical knowledge needed. 

Organise and automate daily operations with an easy to use platform.

Booking Engine

Channel manager

Get more direct bookings, sell complementary services and collect useful information about your guests.

Synchronise your inventory to distribution channels in order to diversify your revenue streams and avoid overbookings.


We help you automate and centralise your guests' payments.

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